Strategy & Planning

Practical marketing advice that grows your business

Are you doing the odd email campaign here, promotion there? Do you know what result you’re getting from each? Have you built a collection of disjointed activities that “seemed like a good idea at the time” but lack a coherent strategy for what you want to achieve?

If you’re looking for a significant improvement in results from your sales and marketing, finding the right long-term strategy is a critical first step.  Turning that strategy into a robust short term plan then allows you to implement in a controlled and measureable manner, confident that each element of the plan is on strategy and making an important contribution.

Our marketing advice is geared to developing effective, measurable and affordable marketing strategies that fit with your objectives. Ensuring your business survives and thrives.  We define a clear picture of where you are now, and where you want to be. The strategy we provide is the route of how you’ll get there. The tactics are the activities you’ll do along the way.

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“If you need someone who really understands both strategic and tactical marketing then may I suggest that Gill should be highest on your list? Gill has excellent skills in all areas, when presented with a client challenge Gill gets to understand the situation quickly, using experience and facts to produce an outcome that I would suggest most organisations are looking for… i.e. a workable, achievable and ultimately successful marketing plan! I recommend Gill unreservedly.” Peter Roper, The Family Business Man

“Chris and the team came to our business… gave us an honest appraisal of what was working and what could be improved.
A marketing roadmap was put in place with agreed milestones and budgets and most importantly the ability to measure the success of our marketing campaigns in term of ROI. Would recommend Aardvark to any business.” Mark Thomas, former MD at Air Spectrum Environmental Ltd

“Aardvark Marketing create my marketing strategy and take my marketing headache away.”
Neil Bott, Director at Wilson Bott Accountants

“We hired Aardvark Marketing because we wanted to change our service offering from compliance work to more strategic planning work. We realised that we didn’t have the skill set in house that would enable us to attract the sort of clients we wanted. My whole training has been in numbers and business planning and the one thing that all accountants are bad at – it’s a bit of an alien world to us – is marketing.
The thing that I really appreciate about Aardvark is that the decision making isn’t taken away from us, because we are involved in all the discussions in our regular meetings, but I’m talking to someone who actually understands the answers that are going to take us forward in our journey.
Lots of clients of ours ask us for advice in all sorts of ways – IFA’s tax planners and so on – we always have ‘go to’ people, on the marketing side absolutely it would be Aardvark.”
Mike Tombs, Owner at TLA Business Services