Aardvark fun facts

Aardvark  –  marketing consultants in disguise

In addition to being great business marketing consultants, here are 10 additional facts about Aardvarks:

Aardvark is generally the first noun in the English dictionary, and is worth 16 points in Scrabble®

The species dates back to the Miocene period (5 – 23M BC), and is the last survivor of primeval hoofed animals

Aardvarks live in sub-saharan Africa, anywhere there are termites

An Aardvark only has four toes on its front feet

Aardvarks are nocturnal, living in burrows during the day and are very rarely seen

In addition to ants, Aardvarks also eat a type of fruit called the Aardvark Cucumber

Aardvarks can eat up to 50,000 ants in one night

A ‘Blue Aardvark’ was featured in the Pink Panther cartoons

The name Aardvark comes from the Afrikaans for ‘Earth Pig’

Aardvarks are good swimmers and will walk up to 30km in a single night.

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