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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | The Charlie Ramsey Research Fund

The Connection supports the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund

The Connection supports the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund

Luke Burton, the artist behind The Connection project, aims to spread the message of hope that everyone, wherever they live and whatever their race, gender or nationality are part of one human race.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | The Charlie Ramsey Research Fund







Each year about 600 children are born in the UK who have a complex heart defect and Charlie Ramsey was one of these children. Before advanced surgery was an option, these children were simply given palliative care at home because there was no treatment. Happily, with funding for more research some of these children can now be offered surgery and the charity Charlie Ramsey Research Fund aims to support more research so that no child born with a complex congenital heart defect cannot be cured. The charity offers hope to families affected by this disease, promoting both research and organ donation.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Supporting The Connection and The Charlie Ramsey research Fund






“We at the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund are honoured to be partnered with Luke and The Connection, this inspiring project will help us in our quest to relieve sickness for the thousands of babies, children and adults living with complex heart diseases by funding vital research” says Trustee Sandra Ramsey. “Our charity advocates Organ Donation and the importance of saving lives. The support from Luke’s fundraising will enable us to continue our mission to provide life saving Defibrillators to communities and schools. We wish Luke every success in his quest to connect people through his art. “

Individuals and companies can be a part of the Connection by sponsoring a ‘brick’, personalised with their name, message, or a company logo and donate to the Charlie Ramsey charity at the same time. The first installation will be at Broadway Plaza in Birmingham. To take part, visit www.theconnectionworldwide.com. To find out more about the Charlie Ramsey charity, please visit their website, https://www.crrf.org.uk/.

Let’s Connect!

Gill Hutchinson, Aardvark Marketing Director will be working alongside Luke on this exciting new project.  People can join us on this inspiring adventure through The Connection website www.theconnectionworldwide.com or follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or LinkedIn.

To join us for the launch at Broadway Plaza on 14th October, please reserve your free Eventbrite ticket here

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Supporting the Charlie Ramsey Research Fund

Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd | Luke Burton, sculpture behind The Connection Worldwide

The World’s Largest Work of Art starts at Broadway Plaza, Birmingham

The World’s Largest Work of Art starts at Broadway Plaza, Birmingham

The first piece of the largest work of art, The Connection Worldwide, is to be placed at Broadway Plaza in Birmingham. The official unveiling of the mini-installation will be on Thursday, 14th October. The art is the vision of its creator, modern sculptor Luke Burton, who wants to spread the message of hope that everyone, wherever they live and whatever their race, gender or nationality are part of one human race. The Connection pieces will continue to be placed in every country, connecting the world together through art.

Luke’s vision for this piece had stood the test of time. “With the enormous difficulties faced by individuals and by businesses recently, it feels wonderful to be going ahead after many months of covid-related delays” says Luke, “The global pandemic has brought people and communities together in new ways that we have learned to cherish. We are the building blocks of the future. Each brick represents an individual, a struggle, an achievement, a bond, a contribution, a connection. Human resilience and the fellowship celebrated through The Connection seems more relevant in 2021 than ever before!”

Natal Chapman, Centre Manager comments “Broadway Plaza are delighted to be the starting point of this fantastic project. We encourage visitors to find out more about the installation and how they can support a local charity. We are excited to be a sponsor and are looking forward to seeing the journey of this project.”

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | The Connection Worldwide concept

This iconic sculpture represents the walls and struggles we face in our everyday lives and how leaning on one another as a community helps us stay strong and build each other up. Individuals will be able to be part of this historic artwork by purchasing unique stainless steel bricks engraved with their name and chosen message. Companies will also be invited to sponsor a brick, personalised with their company name and logo. Individuals and sponsors have an option to donate to a charity of their choice. For Broadway Plaza, the charity partners are Cancer Research UK, The Samaritans, Dreams and Wishes, University Hospitals Birmingham and The Charlie Ramsey Research Fund. Once the bricks are all personalised, the final, larger installation will go in its place.

Jayme Shepherd, Relationship Manager at Cancer Research UK, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Luke has decided to attempt such an inspirational challenge to not only raise vital funds for Cancer Research UK but to connect so many people through art. Luke’s fundraising initiative is going to have a significant impact on our work. We can’t thank Luke enough for his support and want to wish him the very best with his fundraising activity in aid of Cancer Research UK”.

Gill Hutchinson, Aardvark Marketing Director will be working alongside Luke on this exciting new project.  People can join us on this inspiring adventure through The Connection website www.theconnectionworldwide.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Let’s Connect!

To join us for the launch at Broadway Plaza on 14th October, please reserve your free Eventbrite ticket here
Aardvark Marketing Consultants | The Connection Worldwide


Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Gill and Chris Hutchinson, directors at Aardvark Marketing

Aardvark Marketing win UK Trusted Marketing Advisors award

Aardvark Marketing win UK Trusted Marketing Advisors award

Aardvark Marketing are pleased to announce that they have been recognised for the sixth year running with a Technology Innovator Award as UK Trusted Marketing Advisers. These awards recognise companies that are helping – in whatever way they can – to deliver change through innovation, expertise and creativity.

Katherine Benton took a moment to discuss the success of those recognised in this year’s programme: “Now in its seventh year, the Technology Innovator Awards have only grown to encompass a plethora of businesses to showcase their individual achievements and successes in the technology sphere. Innovation is the true driver of the technological landscape. It’s through the efforts of companies both large and small that the business world can continue to grow, exceed expectations and, ultimately, evolve. It’s also true that the technology sector is a behemoth that never stops moving. If a company wants to excel, they need to be dynamic and adaptive, with one eye always cast to the future. Once again, I’d like to congratulate Aardvark Marketing on their success.”

Established to help companies get quantifiable results from carefully constructed marketing plans, as supposed to fluffy unaccountable marketing activities, Aardvark was founded by Chris Hutchinson in 2005. Having enjoyed success with some of the largest brand names in the country PepsiCo, Sharwoods and Bulmers, Chris wanted to turn his skills into a complete package to help other companies towards success. His wife Gill soon joined him, with her talents honed by Black & Decker and LRC (Marigold and Durex) and third sector organisations including the Red Cross and St Michael’s Hospice.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Gill and Chris Hutchinson, directors at Aardvark Marketing








Chris and Gill enjoy becoming immersed in the commercial activities of their clients, however unusual, which range from IT and high tech manufacturing through to the creative arts. They believe that marketing programs should be designed to suit the needs of the individual company circumstances, so they never take a ‘one size fits all’ solution approach. They take the time to really understand the industry specific challenges and consequently ensure that the companies they work with have the tailored support that they need. This enables a high level of trust to be established between client and the Aardvark Marketing team.

Val Gardner, MD at Winster Hoses says “I started working with Aardvark in 2019. Chris and Gill have made sense of what I wanted to achieve and moved me forward with a sensible marketing strategy that works for me and my budget. A mix of traditional marketing techniques and digital has generated much needed awareness with existing and new customer interest leading to more profit. Their determination to make sure results are delivered on time and as expected is a breath of fresh air and takes away the worry. Although on paper a “third party supplier” Chris and Gill are firmly part of the Winster team and I cannot recommend their services enough and look forward to what else can be achieved.

For more information about Aardvark Marketing contact Gill on 01905 885 285 or email gill@aardvarkmarketing.co.uk

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Trusted Marketing Advisors Technology Innovators award 2021


Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Pricing strategy

You paid how much for that makeover?

You paid how much for that makeover?

How much does a roll of wallpaper cost? No, it’s not a trick question. With so much debate in the media about the cost of redecorating a certain flat in London, I found my thoughts wandering to the subject of pricing strategy again.

Here at Aardvark, we talk about pricing to almost every client we have ever worked with and very often we’re trying to persuade them to increase prices. Or at least consider the possibility of changing their pricing structure.  However, I think a great many marketing professionals don’t get involved in pricing and this strikes me as very strange.

Price is one of the four “P”s, and in my view just as important as the other three.  I know there are many more “P”s now, not to mention collections of other terms beginning with other letters (we even talk about the two “C”s in success), but 35 years’ experience has shown me that the original four “P”s remain a great foundation for successful marketing.

If pricing isn’t right, it will dilute the impact of all the rest of your other marketing activity. It could even completely undermine it.  Too high and you’ll lose potential sales (now or in the future) and allow competitors to steal your customers.  Too low and you will most obviously leave money behind that you could have taken, but can also turn off customers or attract the wrong kind of customers in the first place. As a business owner, would you rather be a busy fool, sending our numerous quotes or proposals that don’t actually lead to good business or send a smaller number to better targeted prospects and convert a higher percentage of these? We worked with a local builder who achieved a better work life balance through this approach. Better targeted marketing and new messages enabled him to stop working every weekday evening. He no longer needed to go out on a site visit, measure up and then produce a detailed quote to homeowners who only wanted the cheapest option. He was able to switch his attention to fewer, ‘on-profile’ customers who appreciated the high quality of their work.

So how is pricing set in your business.  Is it a “cost plus” approach with a target profit margin?  Is it based on competitor analysis, aiming to maintain an agreed relativity to what the competition offer customers?  Or is it based on the perceived value of your products or services?

The value-based option is almost always preferable. It will encompass competitor-based pricing and if it means your margins are thin or even non-existent, then the business needs to re-examine its cost base.  And of course, the people in the business who know most about customer perceptions of value are the marketing team.  It’s our job to understand and represent the customer within the business, and that includes knowing what people are prepared to pay for our products and services.

Are we out there, talking to customers about value and how we compare to alternatives?  By “alternatives” I don’t just mean products and services like ours, but all the things customers could do instead of buying from us.

Or are we checking our competitors’ prices on the internet, and letting sales tell us the reason (excuse) they can’t hit targets is that the competition are so much cheaper than us?  Are we giving away price because margins are good so we can “afford” to discount?

Have you implemented a price increase recently?

And a final thought; if your suppliers are putting up prices more often that you are, something is probably going wrong!  If you’d like to understand how pricing strategy can improve both your business and your quality of life, why not email or pick up the phone to Gill or Chris at Aardvark?

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Merry Christmas from the Aardvarks

Merry Christmas from the Aardvarks

Merry Christmas from the Aardvarks

Phew – what a year!

In extraordinary times we have been very grateful for the continued support from our clients, suppliers, referrers and wider business network – thank you everyone! On a personal note, I’ve loved helping people unfamiliar with online meetings to get connected and virtual meetings with colleagues, friends and neighbours have been a great way to connect and support each other through this tough year.

New clients this year have included those in Worcestershire’s IT and Tech accelerator, Betaden. We’ve been privileged once again to be recognised as UK’s Best Outsourced Marketing  Company winning a Technology Innovator award for the fifth consecutive year.

We’ve continued to support our chosen charity, the Worcester Foodbank, and I know many of you enjoyed the Business Community Carols from All Saints which supported this essential local service.

Next year will continue to bring fresh challenges for businesses of all shapes and sizes, so please get in touch for a free initial consultation if you are contemplating changing course and would appreciate our advice.

Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and a successful New Year 2021,

Gill and Chris Hutchinson
Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Merry Christmas from the Aardvarks

Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd | Merry Christmas from the Aardvarks!

Merry Christmas from the Aardvark Burrow

Merry Christmas from the Aardvark Burrow

We would like to wish all our customers, suppliers, referrers and business friends a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and successful New Year 2020!

2019 has been another memorable year for Aardvark Marketing. We’ve started working with some fantastic new customers as well as celebrating some long-standing partnerships. We’ve been winners of more Technology Innovator awards for Social Media and Outsourced Marketing Solutions in June, as well as winning an inaugural Content Creator award in July. We won a Midlands Enterprise award in September and there is a further award in the pipeline for the end of the year.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Aardvark Marketing win prestigious Technology Innovator award for 4th year running






We continue to support ambitious business owners with The Manufacturing Growth Programme and through the Worcestershire Accelerator programme, which ended in June but which we hope to see back in 2020.

Many of you have also followed and generously supported Mark Smith of Lloyds Bank with his campaign to raise over £26,000 for Mental Health UK. A big thank you to anyone who contributed by coming along to a seminar, attended the fundraising events or just liked and shared our social media posts.  We are delighted that Mark hit his fundraising target. Marks Mental Health Marathon has contributed to many companies making real changes in the workplace and, on a personal note, I would like to thank all those corporate sponsors who agreed to an interview with me – I enjoyed every one!  The final event of the year was a candlelit Carol service at All Saints in Worcester, and it was lovely to talk to so many supporters and to support the causes of Mental Health and the Worcester Foodbank.








Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd | Proud to sponsor Marks Mental Health Marathon



Merry Christmas!

Gill and Chris

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Meet co-sponsor of Marks Mental Health Marathon Rev Dr Rich Johnson

How can I serve? Meet co-sponsor Rev Dr Rich Johnson

How can I serve? Meet co-sponsor Rev Dr Rich Johnson

The Rev Dr Rich Johnson talks about modern ministry and mental health

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Meet co-sponsor of Marks Mental Health Marathon Rev Dr Rich Johnson






The parish of All Saints at the heart of Worcester city is one of the oldest in the city.  It now uses two buildings. St Helen’s, a 15th century church building occupies a site used for worship since Roman times. You may have seen the scaffold wrap artwork on the High Street earlier this year, part of a Heritage Lottery Fund project that enabled much needed stonework repairs to be made. All Saints on Deansway is the historic parish church built into the city walls in Norman times.  Worship services are now held in both buildings. Although the buildings are steeped in history, there is absolutely nothing old fashioned about this very modern pastoral team with it’s drive and enthusiasm for creating social support in the community.

The church is now one of the largest in the Diocese of Worcester, not only with many adults, but welcoming students, teenagers and children into the community. After the second world war many of the houses in the parish were demolished, scattering the previous community of dockers and porcelain workers and their families, so the congregation fell. Today the church, with its own distinctive style of less formal, contemporary worship, has gone from strength to strength.

Rich brings his own leadership style to his role, heading up a team of “brilliant” and committed individuals, whether they are volunteers or staff. He describes his methods as “equip, envision, empower and release”.  He’s currently supporting Mark Smith of Lloyds Bank to give back to the business community as well as raising money for Mental Health UK. Mark has set himself a target for fundraising but also important to him is that business leaders and managers in his area know more about Mental Health issues and have some clear guidance to follow if necessary. It was at one of these seminars for business that I met Rich, who had come to both learn more from the speakers and to support Mark and his project. The seminars address practical steps such as how to spot potential problems in their own teams and how to provide the right supportive working environment to minimise the impact on that individual, their colleagues and their families.

By supporting others, All Saints seeks to serve the Worcester community in so many ways. A key question Rich asks when evaluating how the church is developing is “If we shut down overnight, would the city miss us?”.   Increasingly, the answer is yes.  Rich and his team work with people who have the vision, commitment and passion to succeed and help them with practical support to get projects started and developed. In this way the church set up and now runs the Worcester Foodbank, Worcester Street Pastors, supports homeless people, those fostering and adopting, schools, colleges and individual students with mental health resilience courses. The Foodbank even provides necessities such as school shoes and toys for birthdays and at Christmas to children whose families would otherwise genuinely struggle to get by.

The list of organisations where Rich and his team are known and respected is large and includes the County Council, local schools, Worcester Community Trust, Worcester BID, local business leaders, local MP’s, local police etc. By building networks across these organisations, the church is collaborating with others to help achieve something that is both worthwhile and makes a real difference to local people. Rich sees his role as a trusted partner not only to listen and participate but also to challenge. He talks to me about Desmond Tutu, who said “There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in.” Because the Church is uniquely placed to talk with all these organisations, it’s able to bring its in-depth, local knowledge of the causes of the issues that adversely affect individuals and their families in modern life. This understanding allows them to ask the ‘awkward’ or ‘brave’ questions of politicians and civic authorities so that their decision making is better informed.

For so many people in need of social support networks, poor mental health is a common denominator. Rich works hard to listen and understand why so many people, not just our students, teenagers and young people are struggling. It’s clear that social media and the pressure of growing up in the public eye has much to answer for. Rich talks about digital addiction, hyperconsumerism, eating disorders, self-harming issues, anxiety and depression and believes it’s this central issue of defining our identity and who we are for ourselves that is important. We almost need to learn to define ourselves and our worth in society without constant reference to how we appear to others online. He plays a very active role in listening to youngsters, works closely with local schools, colleges and universities and some of his team actively provide support and counselling to help youngsters understand themselves better and be comfortable with their identity.

Striking the right balance between being helpful and being a prophetic challenge can be difficult and it’s possible for the public, outside the church, to dismiss the role of a church because it is often perceived as judgemental or interfering. Rich believes that to help someone you need to be there in the same room and to accept that no-one person or organisation will have all the answers. Their role is to offer some solutions, invite people in and become a part of the answer. For example, by listening to many young people who come to an individual drop in, he can give anonymous feedback to a school leader about issues that could be part of their Personal, Health and Social education (PSE) syllabus. Young people are therefore getting a chance to explore and learn about something that has affected or will affect them or their peers, so they are better prepared for the future. The team also talk to parents, for example by providing workshops helping parents understand how to help their kids navigate the digital world safely or attending a parents evening at a school. It’s exploring and implementing these very practical steps that have transformed this ministry.

“The first step to helping is to be empathetic” says Rich.” Everyone has experienced times when they are stressed, anxious or are feeling low in themselves. It’s when people are put in situations, often beyond their control, that cause a change from occasional worries into something more chronic and serious that they need more specialised help”. Many in society have lost the traditional family support networks, so the Church’s pastoral team need to be listening and thinking, ‘what can we do differently that will improve matters?’ because we are all in this together. By doing this humbly and consistently, over time, we build the credibility and permission to get involved.

This team certainly make a difference to Worcester and their work never stands still. After discussion with Mark Smith, he will be extending a very warm welcome to the business community with a special Carol service on 10th December at 6 o clock in All Saints – we hope to see many readers of this blog join us then.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Marks Mental health Marathon - Rev Dr Rich Johnson talks about the mental health seminar


Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Why Digital Marketing never gets off the MD’s To Do list - expertise

Aardvark Marketing experts win UK’s Outstanding Marketing Award in Global TMT Awards 2018

Aardvark Marketing experts win UK’s Outstanding Marketing Award in Global TMT Awards 2018

Aardvark Marketing was created to help SMEs achieve better results from their marketing activities. The firm has just won the 2018 TMT Global Excellence Awards as the ‘Most Outstanding Marketing Consultancy in the UK’. This success follows hard on the heels of CV Technology Magazine 2018 awards for social media & content marketing and marketing excellence making 2018 the company’s most successful year to date.

Gill Hutchinson, Director at Aardvark Marketing says “At Aardvark we firmly believe good marketing starts in the boardroom, adding value to a company’s bottom line. It’s the reason we emphasise strategy as well as tactics to our customers.” In this digital age, some businesses have learned to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of their industries, capitalising on the advantages that technology, social media and online advertising offers. Others, especially SMEs, need a helping hand to navigate the potential pitfalls and perks of the often-challenging marketing arena. Gill continues, “Aardvark’s leadership team have both UK and International marketing backgrounds in brand marketing and trade marketing, and we get great results for our customers by applying the proven principles of good marketing used in big business into smaller organisations. We’re sticklers for setting the right strategic direction, planning, measurement and review. This means our customers achieve and sustain great results.”

Aardvark approach their services from a perspective that, whilst perhaps unusual, makes sense for their market. Namely, they see themselves as providers of outsourced marketing services. Gill explains, “It is much more cost-effective than a full-time hire for our customers.” Aardvark provide expert services when their client’s need it most, without the commitment and costs of an in-house team.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd | Most Outsatdning Marketing Consultancy 2018Laura Brookes, editor at TMT Magazine said “TMT Magazine wanted to take the time to acknowledge those companies and individuals who went above and beyond in their respected industries. As such, the 2018 Global TMT Awards have been designed to celebrate the visionaries, whose innovative ways have helped them climb the ladder of outstanding success. Each winner is chosen based solely upon merit and merit alone. Once we closed the voting form, our in-house research team were set to work, leaving no stone unturned as they analyse the past 12-months of each nominee to ensure our prestigious accolades only go to the most deserving.”

For a free and confidential consultation about how Aardvark Marketing can help your business call us today on 01905 885 285 or contact us here

You can read the full TMT article about Aardvark Marketing here.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants Ltd | If a picture paints a thousand words

If a picture paints a thousand words …

If a picture paints a thousand words …

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | If a picture paints 1,000 words

… then these photos will save you reading to the end!

On the left is a photo I took with my iPhone.  On the right is the same subject photographed by Bjorn Ewers, a professional photographer based in Berlin.  I think my photo is OK, but his definitely has more ‘wow’.

This week I have been in Germany with Bjorn at three photo shoots for one of my clients.  Monday and Wednesday were spent in their factories and Thursday in the studio.  It’s an expensive exercise for the client, a great deal of consideration was given to the decision and a lot of time has been spent planning the three days with the factories and the photographer to get the best possible result.

The previous week my daughter who is a musician had some photos taken at a local studio for her website and the photographer produced some great images that will really enhance the web pages.

I have already seen some of the unedited shots from this week and they are fantastic.  A good photographer can look at something we see every day and know that with the right lighting, angles and zoom it can look really special.

Great pictures have the power to grab our attention, engage us, make us curious and in a world where there is so much fighting for the attention of the people we want to reach this is a vitally important tool.

It can be tempting to buy a low-cost library image or take out your smartphone and snap away, and there are occasions when this is completely justified.  But when you need an image to stand out from the crowd, communicate more powerfully than words alone can manage, and stand the test of time, it’s well worth talking to a professional.


Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Tipe for a strong pricing strategy

Top tips for a strong pricing strategy

Top tips for a strong pricing strategy

Pricing strategy is undoubtedly the Cinderella of the marketing toolkit. Whilst managers get excited about developing new products or services, and everyone in the company has a view about promotions and new advertising, no-one but your accountant will get out of bed to talk about pricing.

Yet it is an integral part of how your brand, products and services are perceived by customers. We judge a product by its price tag without conscious thought, as though it’s been hard wired into our brains at birth. Take the example of supermarket own label products, where a 3-product approach introduced initially by Tesco has been much imitated by the rest. A Tesco Finest biscuit is the one you’d put in front of your mother in law for Sunday tea, the everyday one is OK for weekday consumption but for feeding hungry hordes of kids after school we’re quite happy to reach for the Value packet. The look, feel and taste of the product matches our expectations because the price tells us everything we need to know about the quality.
As many businesses are being hit by the weakness of the pound, it’s tempting to ask customers to pay more for the same, or even, as in the example of Toblerone and many other of our favourite chocolate brands, pay more for a smaller size product. Because pricing has strategic implications for our business, we need to give this some thought and proceed with care when changing prices.

So, what are the options? Firstly, there isn’t always a direct correlation between price and cost. In the luxury world of designer fashion, the price of producing the goods bears no resemblance to the price ticket. In fact, what makes luxury brands so desirable is the scarcity of supply and their exclusive nature. Secondly, at the other end of the scale, you can opt out of considering price at all and use a simple cost plus margin formula which used to the staple model for a sensible business plan. You can tweak this slightly by looking at critical price points for specific routes to market, for example, suppliers to Poundland produce different sizes to those sold through other retailers.

If you’re not in either of those camps, you need to look at what your competition is doing because price and perceived value are so closely linked in the mind of the customer. If a customer cannot perceive any difference between your product and a competitor they will revert to buying solely on price. Your product is a commodity in their eyes. Sadly, this often leads to repeated discounting and sometimes and a ’race to the bottom’ between companies desperate to keep their market share. No one wins. So discounting should be a last resort and used sparingly. Instead, spend some time thinking about your competitive advantage(s) in your market. Focus on offering better value for customers and differentiating your products and services. Customers will pay more if they believe the difference is worth it, so concentrate on what really makes you different. Do your reality checks by asking your customers and prospective customers what they think. Are there ways you can add value for a customer that don’t incur additional cost for your business? Are there ways that you can cut costs that wouldn’t have an impact on the customer because these features are not valued. Are there more efficient ways to deliver your products or quicker and easier ways to purchase? Is it good after sales care that matters or a longer guarantee?

Whatever you decide, changing your pricing should be infrequent if you wish to maintain the image and prestige of your brand name. Brands and companies that are consistent and transparent in their marketing strategies are trusted. Those that chop and change quickly lose that trust. It could be worthwhile in the long run taking a small hit to your margins when your costs go up if your competition are constantly changing their approach and thus confusing their customers. Dare I mention that if you’re going to market your brand as ‘strong and stable’, changing your approach will damage your reputation, perhaps irretrievably.

If you’d like a helping hand to get your prices right, contact us on 01905 885 285