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The Devil’s in the Detail

The Devil’s in the Detail

In general detail is good. Bold brush stroke plans are vital for forward thinking, and strategy, but without the detail there is no way of moving towards your goal. However, sometimes too much detail can be your downfall, and this can be true when talking about prospecting.

If you fill your proposal with detail, you can end up in the situation where your prospective client regards it as a shopping list, and starts taking out items in order to drive down their costs. Suddenly your neat, detailed plan, which you know will work for them and deliver the results that they need, is full of holes. This “leaky” version you know won’t deliver such good results, and will be more complicated to deliver, as you won’t have control over elements of the plan.

In these cases it might have been better to deliver a less detailed proposal, so that you don’t allow the “shopping list” tendency to manifest in your prospective client. A project where you retain full control will enable you to deliver a fantastic result, which will be better for everyone concerned.

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Suspect or prospect?

Suspect or prospect?

Unsure whether you have enough suspects or prospects? Or are you not entirely clear about what suspects and prospects are?

A suspect is a person who could possibly buy your product or service. You don’t know if they will, but they are a rough fit for your business. They are a possibility.

A prospect is someone who you have identified as having pain points which your product or service could solve. Hopefully you are communicating in some way with your prospects.

If you have ongoing communication with your prospects, you can ensure that you are the person they turn to when they are ready to buy. People don’t buy when you want them to buy, they buy when they want to buy. Your marketing needs to make sure that you are the person they think of when they make the decision to buy.

Multi touch marketing is an efficient way to remain engaged with your prospects. If you are struggling to manage your marketing why not take a look at our marketing manager service.

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The joy of outsourcing is that you only ever pay for what you need, and what you use. You probably already do outsource. Do you use a bookkeeper or an accountant? You pay for their time to work on your finances, using their expertise which they gained from working across many sectors and industries. You can do the same with your marketing.

Some people hire a junior to do their marketing. This gives you lots of time at your disposal, but they may not have the necessary skills, and you have the cost of employing somebody as well. With us, you simply pay for what you need – so you get a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional to work with you for the amount of time that your business needs.

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Competitive Advantage – Part 3

Competitive Advantage – Part 3

Another really important factor to consider is how much it costs to get in front of your customers? We don’t simply mean the cost of running an advert, or the cost of a stand at a trade fair. How much did your website cost? The content, the images, the hosting, the design? How much time did you invest in putting your website together, or managing the project? And how many people visit that website?

Without these figures, you can’t work out how much it costs to acquire a customer. With these costs you can better understand what you are spending on each customer, and more importantly see why your marketing message is so vitally important.

Attending a trade show can be a good way to meet new potential customers. But what is the cost of the trade show? It is not simply the trade stand cost, it is the cost of telling people you are going to be there, the time spent following up after the trade show, the time you invested attending the trade show which you could have invested in some other project. It all adds up, the cost is often higher than we think it will be.

Our aim is to acquire a quality customer at the lowest cost. Unless your marketing message is clear, and aimed at the right type of the customer, the money you spend out on putting yourself in front of your customers will be wasted. When you consider how much that costs, you can see that getting your message right is so important.

Have you spent some time considering your message? Are you showing your potential customers why they should use you? Are you struggling to get your message across? Our marketing manager service can help by delivering targeted, consistent messaging to your customers.

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Are you too cheap?

Are you too cheap?

Are you struggling to find the right price for your products or services? Are you worried that you will lose sales if you raise your prices?

Pricing is crucial to building a stable and profitable business. It is all too easy to begin competing solely on price, and find yourself working really hard for very little profit.

With the right marketing, you will be able to create the right message to send to the right customer. Customers who are prepared to pay a good price for what you are offering. Maybe you offer excellent customer service, but if you don’t tell your customers this then they won’t know.

If you need help working out your pricing, watch the video below. Or if you would like us to help you, why not give us a call on 01905 885 285

Competitive Advantage – Part 2

Competitive Advantage – Part 2

What happens if you don’t focus on competitive advantage?

If you don’t give people a reason to choose one brand or one company over another, then their decision will come down to price. Although we tend to think that people always choose on price, actually the reality is quite different. Price is the marker we use when there is no other way of choosing. Take bottled water – if all the containers were the same, the majority of people would choose the cheapest option. But the containers are not the same. The shape of the bottles are different. The branding on the labels are different, the way they are presented is different. All those indicators are contributing towards our choices.

The important point in marketing is making sure that you are getting your message across, so that people understand why your product is more expensive, so that they appreciate that the first class customer service you offer is reflected in the price. But if you don’t tell your prospective buyers about that – they will just assume that you are overpriced.

So it is vital that you define your competitive advantage, and then you make sure you tell people. People will pay more if they are getting more, it is our job to show them the extra benefits they are receiving with their goods or services, because if you don’t tell them, they won’t know.

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Are you struggling to keep up with social media changes?

Are you struggling to keep up with social media changes?

Are you looking round at your competitors and seeing all their activity? Are you worried that you aren’t doing enough? Or maybe not doing the right things?

These are genuine concerns. The world moves very quickly, it can be hard to keep up with the changing algorithms used by Google, and the shifts in behaviour of social media users. It can be hard to work out where to place your marketing efforts. Should you be direct marketing, should you be concentrating on upgrading your website? It can be overwhelming.

When you come to us, we will put together a strategic plan which will help you to use the correct marketing tools for your business. We have worked with hundreds of different businesses across different sectors and industries so we know from experience what works and what doesn’t.

We can help you to build a coherent, cost-effective marketing program tailor made for you. Take a look at our marketing manager package to see we how can help.

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Feast or famine?

Feast or famine?

Are you either too busy or too quiet? Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with the demand and then struggling to find new leads? Many other business owners are in the same position as yourself – the feast or famine cycle.

But what can you do about it? Don’t despair, with our marketing manager service we can help you to create a consistent and coherent marketing plan which will help to grow your business in a stable and viable way.

If you want to learn more about the feast and famine cycle and how to avoid it, click on the video below.

Why engagement is so important.

Why engagement is so important.

If you are in business the chances are you will be running some form of social media campaign. Social media can be a fantastic tool for your marketing, but, as with everything, it is what you do with it that counts. Take Facebook, for example. Many people spend hours on Facebook, trying to increase their page likes. This, while useful, is not as important as it once was. Reports on organic reach show a declining reach in relation to number of likes and  only a small number of your fans will actually see the content that you post.

The key is to engage with your potential customers. We know that people react emotionally in their purchasing decisions, they love a good story, they want solutions to their problems, not products. The trick is to present what you are trying to sell in that way. So, if you sell IT services, don’t just try and sell IT. Try and connect with your customers. Do they know they need new software? Probably not. Do they know it is better to keep their systems updated rather than panic when they crash? Probably, but they might not have got around to it?

So, engage emotionally with them, show them what this new software could do for them, maybe using a short video, or a link to an article on your website. Show them the peace of mind a regularly checked IT system could bring them. Only once they are engaging with you, can you then begin to sell to them. The customer will not buy when we want them to buy, they will buy when they want to buy. Our job is to make sure that when they are ready , we are the person that they think of. So, when their IT systems are playing up are they going to call the person with the advert, or the person who engaged with them and gave them good advice?

Engagement is the beginning of building trust, and trust increases the probability of sales. We will buy from the person who gave us advice, as we then trust them, rather than another faceless advert. Therefore, it is not the number of likes that are crucial, but your engagement with people that is so vital. If you have 10,000 fans but never engage, you have not built any form of relationship, but if you have 100 fans who you regularly engage with, they have the potential to become your customers.

Don’t get fooled by the numbers, human interaction is built on trust, and trust has a value far beyond any number of Facebook likes.


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Consistency is key to creating effective marketing

Consistency is key to creating effective marketing

Everyone is familiar with the feast and famine cycle that seems to afflict so many businesses. It can be difficult to manage, but understanding why it occurs is key to reducing it.

The cycle comes about as follows; the business gets busier, we are forced to simply deal with the day-to-day needs of the customers, and we put to the back-burner activities that we consider unnecessary. So, our marketing gets pushed back, and we concentrate on the customers that are right in front of us. Which is fine, but what happens when those customers are no longer right in front of us? At this point we panic, our sales have dropped, and we act in response by pushing our marketing quickly and suddenly, this then creates a sudden surge in sales, which we then tend to, forgetting once again about our marketing. This cycle of behaviour is both tiring and inefficient, for you, your employees and your business.

If we regard marketing as an on-going process, we are consistently refilling our sales funnels, and cultivating them as they come to fruition. Businesses run more efficiently with a consistent flow of customers, you are able to handle your resources effectively and optimise your processes when you know the level of output that is required. By creating a structured plan, you allow the capability of turn your marketing up and down, as necessary, which is a far more controlled method than marketing in bursts of activity.

As we approach the New Year, now is a perfect time to lay your foundations for the coming year. By creating a feasible plan for the year ahead, with carefully controlled activities at regular intervals throughout the year, you have the power to the reduce the feast and famine cycle.

There are so many fantastic automation solutions available today, that have made it much easier to build continuous marketing through the year. The time spent on implementing the plan, and ensuring that it is running smoothly, is time well spent. When you are busy, those scheduled activities that you have built into your marketing plan will work away in the background for you, providing you with reliable and consistent marketing that lasts throughout the year.

And those tiny seedlings that you plant? Well, they grow into abundant crops, waiting for you to harvest them…

If you are struggling to implement and manage a coherent marketing campaign for your business, why not consider our Marketing Manager service, providing you with consistent marketing at a surprisingly affordable rate.