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How good is your marketing?

How good is your marketing?

Good marketing should be delivering a steady flow of good quality leads into your sales pipeline. This process does not happen overnight, there is no silver bullet. Good marketing is built of good quality content, consistently implemented and regularly monitored and reviewed. It takes time to work out what is delivering good results and what is not, and honing your marketing to make sure that you are getting a good return on investment.

When you have good marketing delivering good quality leads to your sales pipeline, it enables your sales team, or individual to sell. It is useful to break down the process into its component parts so that you don’t muddle up your sales and your marketing. Once you have separated them it is easier to work out which area is working and which is not. So you may find that you have a fantastic sales team with a really high conversion rate, who simply aren’t getting enough leads. Conversely, you may discover that your marketing is actually producing some really good quality leads, but your sales process isn’t converting them into customers as effectively as it could.

Breaking down processes enables one to look at them clearly, and make changes to the areas that aren’t working as well as they could. This makes the change process an achievable task rather than a daunting one. It enables you to concentrate your resources on the areas that need them, rather than ending up changing things that were actually working.

If you are struggling with your marketing and sales pipelines, and would like some support, take a look at our marketing manager program. This will give you consistent, on-going marketing support, delivered, monitored and reviewed. To arrange your meeting, call us today on 01905 885 285

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How does outsourcing help?

How does outsourcing help?

You probably already outsource, many people do. Maybe you use a bookkeeper, who you simply pay for the hours of work that they do. You don’t need to worry about their tax, or their holidays, or whether you need to upgrade their computer system. You can just hand over the work and not worry. They can deal with the complexities of their tax system, and sort out the problem with their computer crashing. You just pay them either by the hour, or by the job, whatever deal you have agreed upon. Outsourcing is excellent.

Bookkeeping is the obvious example of outsourcing, but marketing works very well as an outsourced service. Outsourcing your marketing ensures that your marketing program is delivered consistently and coherently and is not affected by any internal issues. If you have your marketing done in-house, you are more at risk of the feast and famine cycle.

As you become busy, you need to spend more time fulfilling orders, so you stop marketing, because you need that time to be spent on fulfillment. Gradually your sales pipeline dries up and then, panicking, you launch back into marketing, and the sales build up again, and so it goes on. This cycle is unproductive, and stressful for all involved.

If you have outsourced your marketing, your program will continue to be delivered consistently, giving you a steady flow through your sales pipeline. This will help to prevent the feast and famine cycle and will leave you able to concentrate on delivering a great service to your customers, in a more measured and less fraught manner.

If you would like to discuss outsourcing your marketing, contact us today on 01905 885 285 to arrange your meeting.

To learn more about the feast and famine cycle, please click to watch the video below.

Genuine seasonality

Genuine seasonality

There is a difference between a business that experiences genuine seasonality and one that is stuck in a feast and famine cycle. Though the problems caused by the cyclical pattern are the same, one is unavoidable and the other can be altered.

Genuine seasonality applies to businesses such as an ice cream seller. In this business you know that you will sell more ice creams in the summer than the winter, and therefore you organise your cash flow accordingly. There is little you can do about this, other than finding something else to sell during the winter – hot chocolate?

However the feast famine cycle can be broken, and evened out. The feast famine cycle occurs as follows. You want to increase your sales, so you increase your marketing which in turn increases your sales. Suddenly you are too busy, so you stop marketing, and concentrate on fulfilling the orders that you have generated. Suddenly you realise that your order book for the months ahead is empty, so you quickly do some marketing to boost your sales…and so the whole cycle begins again.

This is a surprisingly common trap for people to fall into. It can be prevented by setting up an on-going consistent marketing program which will deliver a steady flow of good prospects into your sales funnel. Often outsourcing your marketing can be beneficial as this ensures that the marketing is done on time, and on budget, regardless of what is going on in-house. A marketing program can be turned up or down according to your requirements, increasing or decreasing the quantity of leads it provides.

If you would like to outsource your marketing, why not arrange a meeting to discuss our marketing manager program? Call us to book your meeting today on 01905 885 285

If you would like to learn more about feast and famine cycles please watch the video below.

White knights and who is telling the truth?

White knights and who is telling the truth?

Often when you are selling to larger businesses, you can end up having to sell to committees. Committees can be problematical as one person may love your product or service, and then may be in the position of having to sell you to the other committee members. The best that you can do in this situation is to support your “white knight” in their efforts to sell you to the committee. This can be ensuring that they have answers to questions that may be raised, or just increasing their understanding of your product or service.

Another problem that we come across in the selling process is our perception of salesmen. We tend to think that a salesman is trying to get one over on us, or to trick us in some way. This is, by and large, not true. Salesmen are simply well-informed about their product and are trying to show it you in the best possible light. Unfortunately, because often buyers believe that salesmen are being untruthful, they then feel it is okay to also be untruthful.

If nobody is telling the truth it can be very hard to determine what anybody wants. As a salesman you need to know what somebody wants before you can help them. The sales assistant in the shop who asks, “can I help you?” is trying to do just that. If you have come into the shop to buy an item, saying “I’m just looking” is, in one sense, lying. Now the sales assistant can’t help, and you can’t be helped. Truthfulness is important to understand what people want.

If you are struggling with your sales process, and would like to review it, why not arrange a meeting with us? At Aardvark Marketing Consultants we have worked with hundreds of business across a range of industries and can help you to improve your sales processes. Call us today on 01905 885 285

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Are your sales team selling?

Are your sales team selling?

Hopefully your sales team are selling your products or services, otherwise they are not doing their job! However are they spending all their time selling, or are they having to use their time ineffectively?

Sales teams are expensive to run, they need wages, National Insurance, pensions, cars and hotels. The costs of selling soon mount up, often in hidden extras that you may not be fully taking into account. The rising costs of running a sales team mean that it is vitally important to the financial well-being of your company that you maximise the time your sales team spend selling.

Ensuring that you have a good marketing program in place will provide your sales team with good quality warm leads who can then be engaged in the sales process. If you have no marketing or poor quality marketing your sales team will spend much of their time trying to convert cold leads into warm leads before they even begin to sell to them.

Given the costs related to running a sales team, it is more effective to spend on good marketing to improve the quality of the leads going into the sales funnel, thereby allowing your sales team the chance to spend more time selling and less time chasing.

If you are struggling with your sales funnel, consider improving the marketing that is delivering your suspects. Good quality marketing will result in a better quality lead, which in turn will improve the conversion rate of prospects to customers in your sales funnel. Let your sales team do what they do best – sell, and let us do your marketing. Call us at Aardvark Marketing Consultants today for a meeting, on 01905 885 285

If you would like to learn more about successful selling and how to improve your sales funnel, please watch the video below.

Are you tied in?

Are you tied in?

Have you ever been stuck in a long-term contract? There are advantages, such as budgeting your cash flow and having a fixed price, but it doesn’t allow you any chance of changing.

Small businesses are dynamic and can respond quickly to changes in their marketplace. Compared to large businesses which, like ocean liners, can take a while to change direction, a small business has the capability to sharply react. This can give them the chance to scoop up opportunities in the marketplace before the larger companies have had a chance to change direction.

Because we understand how dynamic your small business needs to be, we don’t want you tied in to long-term contract for your marketing. With our marketing manager service all we ask is that you sign up for three months.

If you would like to know that your marketing program is running consistently on time and on budget, why not contact us on 01905 885 285 for a conversation about how we can help you.

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Too many hats?

Too many hats?

Running your own business is difficult. The calls on your time are endless, and switching between roles, can be tiring and unproductive. You can start each day full of good intentions, and end up resorting to firefighting. As a business owner you can feel like you are endlessly switching hats, from management, to finance, to HR and trying to find the time to do your marketing.

One way to tackle this problem, is to outsource your marketing. Marketing delivers the best results when it is consistently delivered, on time and in budget.

At Aardvark Marketing we offer our marketing manager package, which gives you regular, reliable marketing, tailor-made for your company and with a budget to suit.

If you are struggling with wearing too many hats, and would like to create some more time to focus to driving your business forwards to more sales, and more profit, why not take a look at our marketing manager package.

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The joy of outsourcing is that you only ever pay for what you need, and what you use. You probably already do outsource. Do you use a bookkeeper or an accountant? You pay for their time to work on your finances, using their expertise which they gained from working across many sectors and industries. You can do the same with your marketing.

Some people hire a junior to do their marketing. This gives you lots of time at your disposal, but they may not have the necessary skills, and you have the cost of employing somebody as well. With us, you simply pay for what you need – so you get a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional to work with you for the amount of time that your business needs.

For flexible, efficient marketing support, why not take a look at our marketing manager package?

To learn more about outsourcing and how it could benefit you, click below to watch the video.

Competitive Advantage – Part 5

Competitive Advantage – Part 5

Would you like more customers, more sales, and more profit? Yes! But you are busy, running your business, doing the finances, managing your team, delivering to your clients. You are time poor.

We can help. You can outsource your marketing requirements to us. We have different services that we can provide, depending on your situation. From our part-time marketing director service working with your senior team, to our marketing manager service, which provides affordable marketing. We can take away your issues, we can provide strategy, planning and implementation at a level and cost that suits you and your business.

We are trustworthy, and have won awards for the third year in a row through the Technology Innovators CV Magazine. We have experience with many different clients across a range of sectors. We have worked in 105 industries, and are constantly keeping abreast of new developments and resources for our clients.

If you would like more time, speak to us about outsourcing your marketing.

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Why your marketing (probably) isn’t working

Why your marketing (probably) isn’t working

Many business owners think that marketing doesn’t work. “But we have tried this,” they say, “and that, and that. and it didn’t work.” Often this problem arises when we try and spread ourselves too thinly across a vast array of marketing outlets, and fail to record and monitor our results and ROI.

Without creating a consistent marketing plan, that is implemented thoughtfully across a carefully selected variety of outlets, and correctly monitored and recorded – marketing may not work.

It is vital to track what is happening with your marketing, so that you can begin to concentrate your efforts on the areas where you are successful. Then you begin to apply your marketing where it has a real impact on your business. Spreading your marketing too thinly can causes problems.

Marketing can feel like a burden. Let us help you. Outsource your marketing to us, and let our marketing manager program create, plan and implement your marketing campaign. Our marketing manager package has been designed to provide affordable marketing tailored to your business. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a good return on investment, but you do have to spend wisely.

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