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Do you know your numbers?

Do you know your numbers?

One of the most frequently asked questions about running marketing campaigns, is “how many names do I need to put in?” Well that depends…

We start with a number of names and we feed them through our multi-touch campaign, producing at the end a certain number of customers. In the beginning, if we have never done this before, we won’t know the exact numbers. However, as we run the campaigns over time, we will start to be able to narrow down the conversion rate and then be able to pinpoint a good number of suspects to start with.

The process of understanding how our conversion works is in itself very important. You may discover parts of your sales process that are working very well, and equally parts that are working very badly. Once you have pinpointed the flaws in your funnel, you will be able to improve them, so the very process of measuring and monitoring is extremely helpful in improving your conversion rates.

It is important to understand how many customers you want. You will have a business plan, with your projected growth targets, and how many new customers you need to reach these targets. Understanding the lifetime value of your clients will further improve the depth of your understanding of your customers, and subsequently the necessary acquisition rate of your new customers in order to reach your long-term goals.

As we run your multi-touch program we can refine the number of suspects that we put into the top of the funnel, and understand better the places where we lose them along the way. The beauty of the multi-touch campaign is that it has a degree of flexibility so that we can adjust the quantity of leads we are feeding through to match your requirements.

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To learn more about multi-touch campaigns please watch the video below.

Don’t just listen to us…

Don’t just listen to us…

It is all too easy to say good you are at something, but backing up your statements can be another thing altogether. At Aardvark when we work with companies we always put together case studies, interview customers to receive honest feedback, and collate and utilise customer testimonials.

Customer testimonials are important because they show us how other people feel about working with a company. People are emotional creatures they don’t focus on what they receive but on how it makes them feel. Testimonials convey that emotion. Testimonials will say that “meetings are relaxed yet productive” the customer is happy because they are not made to feel pressured, they are able to achieve in a relaxed way. Yet we would not say in our own marketing that “meetings are relaxed” it would not invoke the same response.

The video below is a customer testimonial from Simon DIxon, he talks about the work we did with him, and how it helped him grow his commercial cleaning business

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Simon Dixon is the owner of All Clean Support Services. With 100+ employees ACSS provides professional cleaning contractors from their Bromsgrove base. To learn more about ACSS visit their website.