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One step at a time…

One step at a time…

All industries have different problems facing them, and understanding this is key to successful marketing. How you market your engineering company will be different to how you market your creative business. However the tools and techniques that we use will all have a common basis.

In the Midlands there are many engineering firms, and often you will find SME supplying big businesses such as Jaguar LandRover. As the items required by the big firm are often very technical it can be necessary to spend quite some time working with the big business to show them what you are offering, For example you may have to start with a technical drawing followed by a prototype. Sometimes the company will then want to test the item for a prolonged period of time. All of which is fine if you are going to get the contract, but is not so good for your cash flow.

Small businesses often struggle with cash flow, especially in their infancy. Viable, good, profitable businesses are bought down more often by cash flow problems than anything else. Ensuring that your cash flow is resilient enough to withstand such an extended negotiating period is vital to the health and well-being of your company.

You may find that you have to work your way up to be able to put yourself in this position. Taking smaller steps over a few years towards your final goal may be more sensible than trying to launch yourself straight up to your desired end point. Steadily working up through the industry, and ensuring that you have good cash reserves before marketing yourself to the larger companies can be prudent.

Your marketing will need to adapt through the different steps that you take. Marketing yourself to the customers that you need to acquire now, as supposed to the customers you would like to have in three years time is important. With our marketing services we can develop a plan to help you to progress through your industry. Making sure that your marketing is targeting the correct people, in the right way.

If you would like to learn more about successful selling watch the video below.

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Sales take off for software engineering company Argenta with Growth Program

Sales take off for software engineering company Argenta with Growth Program

Solihull based Argenta aspires to be the market leader in providing bespoke test, measurement, control and automation systems to the aerospace, automotive, and defence industries. This rapidly expanding company had an excellent track record however needed to meet the challenge of increased sales to match their expanding team of software engineers. The directors were managing a handover from the first to a second generation of the family business. They chose us to help them meet their challenging sales targets.
Working with us brought about a change in their management of the whole sales and marketing process, with new planning, budgeting and monitoring of performance targets (KPI’s). Proposals increased from 20 to 36 in 2 years. The brand was updated and modernised.  A new digital marketing strategy, integrating website, SEO, email and social media resulted in an enhanced reputation for the company with B2B buyers. The company invested in PR and sponsorship of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance conference. A new and very successful LabView user group for the Midlands was set up which enabled Argenta to establish a reputation or expertise to a targeted group of engineering companies.
Argenta presented a typical challenge for us. With a limited sales and marketing budget it’s important to get the strategy right and use a very targeted approach to new prospects. Because we work very closely with our customers, developing new systems and training their new staff to carry out their new roles our legacy is one of continuing success.
Argenta qualified for business support through the Growth Accelerator program, which reduced the overall cost to the business. The support provided  included leadership and management training to enable the company to implement more of the marketing plan in-house. Similar grants are now available through the Accelerated Growth program for manufacturing, IT and other high tech companies looking to expand into new markets or simply increase customer numbers in existing markets.
“The tools and techniques Aardvark Marketing have introduced us to have given us confidence in implementing a marketing strategy. With the new brand identity, improvements to our website content and introduction of our Midlands LabVIEW User Group, the Argenta profile has been significantly raised.” commented Chris Woodhams, MD at Argenta. “The Improvements that have been implemented to the management of our sales pipeline mean we are much more focused in this area resulting in an increase in the number of projects we are quoting for.”

To find our more about how Accelerated Growth Grants can help your business, please contact Gill  or click here to download the case study
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