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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Great blogs & vlogs win Aardvark Marketing UK Content Creator Award

Great blogs & vlogs win Aardvark Marketing UK Content Creator Award

Great blogs & vlogs win Aardvark Marketing UK Content Creator Award

Aardvark Marketing Consultants have been recognised by Corporate Vision Magazine for their contribution to the world of blogs and video blogs as great Content Creators 2019.

As we continue through the 21st century the trend of people turning to content creation as a means of making a living continues to grow. From YouTubers to Bloggers, companies and individuals are continuing to monetize their skills to make a successful living with some of the top content creators making over a million dollars year in year out.  CV Magazine are running this inaugural award programme to showcase those who go above and beyond in creating great content, from web designers, vloggers and bloggers to those creating images and videos for the web, the 2019 Content Creator Awards give credit where it is deserved.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Great blogs & vlogs win Aardvark Marketing UK Content Creator AwardFor the last nine years, co-directors at Aardvark Marketing, Gill and Chris Hutchinson have been regular bloggers. “We write about all aspects of marketing, sales and management” says Gill Hutchinson. “As technology has advanced, we’ve added webinars and video to our written blogs.” In 2018, Aardvark launched the Marketing Manager service and their experienced marketeers produce a range of regular blogs for clients.

“Consistency adding new content helps us drive more traffic to our clients websites in two ways.” says Gill “ Firstly, it improves the website rankings with search engines such as Google (SEO)  so more organic search traffic is generated and  secondly attracts more visitors coming via social media platforms when the blog content is shared. New software that automates social media scheduling means we are more efficient at delivering social coverage, which allows Aardvark to offer a very attractive, cost effective service.“ Outsourcing content creation and social media management has proved to be extremely popular and Aardvark are constantly adding to their list of clients using the service.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Contetn Cretator award 2019 - leading specialists in marketing automation solutionsDiscussing the success of their winners, Edward Faulkner, Awards Coordinator commented: “There are so many content creators who are influencing today’s modern business market, and I am proud to recognise them through this awards programme. It is with great pride that I congratulate my winners; here’s to more great content going forward!” read more about Corporate Vision magazine here.

If your business could benefit from having regular new content created, call Aardvark Marketing on 01905 885 285 or contact us here.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Aardvark Marketing win prestigious Technology Innovator award for 4th year running

Aardvark Marketing win prestigious Technology Innovator award for 4th year running.

Aardvark Marketing win prestigious Technology Innovator award for 4th year running.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants are again winners of a prestigious Technology Innovator award, this year for Best Social Media & Content Marketing Providers and the Excellence in Outsourced Marketing Solutions award. The company have been selected because of their consistent track record, delivering a superior marketing service that delights and retains long-term clients from start-ups and small business to international and high-grossing companies.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Aardvark Marketing win prestigious Technology Innovator award for 4th year running

Aardvark’s client testimonials send a clear message that they provide a timely and knowledgeable service, which delivers significant results. Across the board, their customers attest to the company’s professionalism and expertise. The information gathered by the research team shows that Aardvark’s reputation has been consistent for many years as a long-successful marketing company providing strategic and technology-enabled solutions. Their services include marketing team training, sales generation and strategy evaluation.

In addition to their service, the marketing automation solutions provided by Aardvark Marketing substantially increase their clients’ marketing efficiency. Aardvark’s top performing companies utilise their automation solutions, and their client feedback continues to show the effectiveness of these services.

“For many businesses, having a continuous and consistent presence in their marketplace is a challenge” say Gill Hutchinson, Director at Aardvark Marketing “ because creating quality  content is  difficult and the world of marketing is constantly evolving making it hard to stay up to date with the latest software tools”.   The beauty of outsourcing marketing is that we take away the headache of creating that professional presence for your website, social media, PR, emails etc no matter how busy the business owner becomes. It’s cost effective too, because the business doesn’t have to hire, train and retain a permanent member of staff on the payroll.


Laura Hunter, Awards Co-ordinator at CV Magazine, commented “Now celebrating its fifth year, the Technology Innovator Awards return in 2019 to showcase the talented individuals, teams and firms that form the backbone of this dynamic industry. We aim to raise the profile of those who’s innovative thinking and commitment to technology make the industry what it is today. Technology is vital to everyday life therefore it has been a real pleasure to be able to showcase those dedicated to making innovations happen. I would like to congratulate my winners and wish them the best of luck going forward.”

For a free and confidential consultation about how Aardvark Marketing can help your business call Gill or Chris today on 01905 885 285 or contact us here.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Double celebrations for Excellence in Innovation at Aardvark Marketing

Double celebrations for Excellence in Innovation at Aardvark Marketing

Double celebrations for Excellence in Innovation at Aardvark Marketing

Aardvark Marketing Consultants are celebrating winning two UK awards at this year’s Technology Innovators CV Magazine awards, building on their success in 2017 and 2016. Technology Innovators CV Magazine Awards have just announced the 2018 winners, with Aardvark Marketing receiving the Excellence in Marketing Management Services and the Social Media & Content Marketing Specialists. In previous years, they took home the Marketing Automation and Marketing for SME awards. The West Midlands based marketing firm specialises in providing outsourced marketing at a level and budget to suit, from their Marketing Manager package to part-time Marketing Director service.

Gill Hutchinson, director at Aardvark Marketing Consultants, says: “We’re pleased to have been recognised as innovators once again! We’ve worked hard over the past year to develop our Marketing Manager package, an affordable and flexible marketing solution for SME businesses.” Marketing Manager provides sales and marketing expertise with a first-class team as and when you need it. This results in more sales and increased profitability, without the risks and costs of employment. Aardvark have been selected in the current intake of the prestigious Nat West Business Accelerator programme, based at Brindley Place in Birmingham, to scale up the Marketing Manager business in the UK.

Gill developed the Marketing Manager package after receiving enquiries from companies who needed a knowledgeable and reliable firm to handle all their marketing. Aardvark’s project management brings an excellent structure to the marketing programs they develop for their customers, which has been rewarded with the Marketing Management Award. Aardvark spend time staying abreast of the latest developments in the world of social media, including researching platforms that enable their clients to use social in more cost-effective and efficient ways. Gill says, “We have a very experienced team at Aardvark, who bring their own strengths and market knowledge to every customer, giving us the resources to provide first-class support for an affordable and fixed monthly price tag.”

The Technology Innovator Awards are now in their third year and they showcase the talents that are present in this industry. Looking forward and striving to achieve excellence are attributes that the Technology Innovator Awards look for in their winners. Sophie Milner, Awards Coordinator commented: “The explosion of digital technology in the recent years has increased the need for technology products and services dramatically. Enterprises in every industry sector rely upon technology to facilitate their own growth, as such, opportunities for technology firms continue to expand considerably. It is my pleasure to congratulate the winners and wish them the best of luck for the future.”

For a free and confidential consultation about how Aardvark Marketing can help your business call us today on 01905 885 285 or email us here


Aardvark Marketing Consultants | 5 top tips to write a blog

5 top tips to write a blog

5 top tips to write a blog

Unless you have an effortless funnel of perfect customers landing on your doormat at regular and manageable intervals you will know that you need to be blogging as part of your marketing strategy. A regular blog is a brilliant tool for many reasons. It does lovely stuff to your SEO, providing your website with up to date and relevant content. It shows you to be an authority in your field, which in turn increases people’s trust in you, and helps you to remain in their mind till the time that they are ready to buy. It also provides you with content to populate your other areas of marketing such as your newsletter, and your social media feeds. All in all, one piece of writing, can be re-worked to provide a great range of marketing potential. And this is even before we get onto repurposing your content into podcasts, webinars etc.

So, you know you need a blog, but how do you go about writing one?

Top 5 tips  from the Aardvarks:

1: Schedule your blog into your working week, treat it as a job, not as an optional extra. For blogs to be effective they need to be regular, so pick a frequency that you can achieve, a regular weekly  or bi-weekly blog is a good starting point.

2: Make sure you know your audience. Your blog needs to be pitched at the correct level and needs to offer your readers value. A blog may be free to read, but you are asking people to take the time to read it, and your customer’s time has a value.

3: Write a good headline. It needs to be informative, concise and captivating. It needs to make people want to read  the rest of your blog, and it needs to  be accurate.

4: Make sure you structure your blog. This has two advantages. Firstly, it will help you to write it. I write an opening paragraph to capture the attention of my readers (hopefully) and then the message that I want to share, then a final paragraph or sentence with a call to action. Secondly it will help your readers to follow your thoughts, and enable you to encourage a further action, be it to simply sign up to your newsletter, or view another page on your website.

5: Just write. Simply start writing. Don’t worry if it’s not good to start with, you can always edit it. Also remember Mark Zuckerberg’s famous quote “Done is better than perfect.”

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What we learn from Disruptors

What we learn from Disruptors

It is easy to get stuck in a rut. To simply carry on doing what one has always done. Indeed it is often good to abide by the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” theory, however, the problem comes when we forget to address the needs of our customers, when we carry on simply selling them the same product with little thought.

The definition of disruption by Professor David Rogers at Columbia Business School is helpful: “Disruption happens when an existing industry faces a challenge that offers far greater value to the customer in a way that existing firms cannot compete with directly.” Think Airbnb versus the hotel industry.

Airbnb addresses the customers need by thinking outside of the conventional box, it offers something to the consumer that the hotel industry cannot. We need to learn from this. We need to learn that just because the customers are buying it doesn’t mean that we are selling what they want, we might just be the only option.

It is always worth asking your customers what they want, constantly engaging with your customers means that you have the opportunity to pick up on changes in their requirements. Customer surveys are a valuable tool, at Aardvark we can conduct surveys for you if the idea of asking for feedback from your customers leaves you feeling cold.

Disruptors are useful because they shake up the marketplace and allow customers’ needs to be addressed in different ways. Indeed it has been said that “disruptors have become the template for success.” It might be worth thinking about how a disruptor could alter your business. Take a moment to review your customers’ needs and check that you are meeting them. Who knows – it may be you that becomes the disruptor in your industry?

For help conducting surveys or for an informal discussion about your marketing please contact Aardvark on 01905 885 285 To read more about our services please visit our website staging.aardvarkmarketingconsultants.co.uk
Happy marketing!

Aardvark Marketing | How big will your seedlings grow?

How big will your seedlings grow?

How big will your seedlings grow?

Easter is essentially a celebration of hope. The start of spring, the rising sap, the gently breaking buds on the trees, the watery sun beginning to warm up. Hope gets us through the winter and our hope is fulfilled as spring appears.

Many businesses started with hope and faith and a tiny seedling. They often start with flashes of inspiration, or sleepy late-night revelations. But seedlings do not grow with hope alone, they require soil, water and sunlight. Businesses too can flounder if they lack the necessary support and structure. Hope alone does not make your business thrive.

Planning is a good place to start with your business and seedling. Regular watering is vital to good growth, you do not want the soil to alternate between barren dryness and overwhelming flood conditions. In the same way your marketing needs to be regular to ensure a good flow of prospects, so that you are neither desperate for customers, nor drowning under an excessive workload.

Customers are like sunlight. You need to be able to see them and they you, to achieve growth. Where are you in relation to your competitors? Are you struggling for sunlight under the canopy of their leaves? Or have you managed to secure a spot in the market with good access to sunlight?

Soil is where your roots are. This is your foundation, this is what you are building on. Make sure your soil is robust and fertile. Make sure your business is built with a good team. A good team will allow your business to thrive, bad people will pull you down.

So remember all ideas start with small seedlings and all seedlings have the capacity for growth. They just need the right conditions.

Happy Easter and happy marketing!