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Are your sales team selling?

Are your sales team selling?

Hopefully your sales team are selling your products or services, otherwise they are not doing their job! However are they spending all their time selling, or are they having to use their time ineffectively?

Sales teams are expensive to run, they need wages, National Insurance, pensions, cars and hotels. The costs of selling soon mount up, often in hidden extras that you may not be fully taking into account. The rising costs of running a sales team mean that it is vitally important to the financial well-being of your company that you maximise the time your sales team spend selling.

Ensuring that you have a good marketing program in place will provide your sales team with good quality warm leads who can then be engaged in the sales process. If you have no marketing or poor quality marketing your sales team will spend much of their time trying to convert cold leads into warm leads before they even begin to sell to them.

Given the costs related to running a sales team, it is more effective to spend on good marketing to improve the quality of the leads going into the sales funnel, thereby allowing your sales team the chance to spend more time selling and less time chasing.

If you are struggling with your sales funnel, consider improving the marketing that is delivering your suspects. Good quality marketing will result in a better quality lead, which in turn will improve the conversion rate of prospects to customers in your sales funnel. Let your sales team do what they do best – sell, and let us do your marketing. Call us at Aardvark Marketing Consultants today for a meeting, on 01905 885 285

If you would like to learn more about successful selling and how to improve your sales funnel, please watch the video below.

Why a written process is so important

Why a written process is so important

Many businesses start up with one or maybe a few people in an office, often your processes or systems have evolved from the beginning, and are now a collection of activities. When we write down our processes we can see more clearly what we are doing. In terms of our sales funnels writing down our processes can help us to track the numbers.

For example if an enquiry begins with filling in a website form, and then moves through phone calls and then onto meetings, we can keep track of the numbers each step of the way. It is important to know this, as if we know 100 website enquiries leads to 5 sales, we know that if we can improve the website to increase the number of enquiries to 200, this should result in 10 sales, thereby doubling our turnover.

Marketing is far more effective when you track the results, when you systematically work your way through to see what has an affect and what doesn’t. Haphazard assortments of marketing techniques flung together make it impossible to understand what is working and what isn’t. Spending time concentrating on your process will improve your understanding of the process, highlight any weak areas, and give you the opportunity to successfully track and monitor your activities.

If you would like to review your process with people who understand, contact Aardvark Marketing Consultants today on 0121 2225743

To learn more about successful selling watch the video below:

Competitive Advantage – Part 5

Competitive Advantage – Part 5

Would you like more customers, more sales, and more profit? Yes! But you are busy, running your business, doing the finances, managing your team, delivering to your clients. You are time poor.

We can help. You can outsource your marketing requirements to us. We have different services that we can provide, depending on your situation. From our part-time marketing director service working with your senior team, to our marketing manager service, which provides affordable marketing. We can take away your issues, we can provide strategy, planning and implementation at a level and cost that suits you and your business.

We are trustworthy, and have won awards for the third year in a row through the Technology Innovators CV Magazine. We have experience with many different clients across a range of sectors. We have worked in 105 industries, and are constantly keeping abreast of new developments and resources for our clients.

If you would like more time, speak to us about outsourcing your marketing.

To learn more, please click below to watch the video.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | How to avoid splashing the cash on marketing

Are you buying marketing without a list?

Are you buying marketing without a list?

Have you ever stood at the checkout in grocery supermarket and wondered how you managed to spend so much?  The big retailers are expert in getting shoppers to buy more than they intended, investing huge sums in research, focus groups, loyalty cards etc. so it’s not a huge surprise that it works.

However, sometimes we are the architects of our own downfall.  Research shows that if we don’t plan our shopping and take a list based on what we really need, 60% of us will spend more.  Another factor can be how hungry we are feeling when we shop.  Hungry shoppers are more easily tempted to buy extra items, especially sugary foods.  The consequence is over-spending, food that nobody actually eats or just goes out of date.  An article earlier this year reported that the average UK household wastes £470 of food every year

All very interesting I hear you say, but what has that got to do with my business?

In my experience, business owners selecting marketing activities are a bit like supermarket shoppers.  There are a great many items for sale, and various options at differing price points.  The best approach is to have a ‘list’ of what activities we are interested in, or at the very least a clear idea of what we want them to achieve, a bit like knowing what meals you want to cook before you go to the supermarket.

The worst situation is when the business needs some quick results – the forward order book is low, or competitors have just got more active.  This is the equivalent of shopping when hungry; lots of things look good and we can end up making a poor decision or just buying too much.

Whatever you do, don’t ask marketing agencies to make a recommendation, no matter how much integrity they have, the incentive to sell you something you might not need is going to be very high – you wouldn’t walk into a supermarket, give the manager your credit card and ask what he thinks you should buy!

A clear set of marketing objectives, regular tracking of marketing KPIs and the use, dare I say it, of an impartial marketing expert will make it easy to identify what activities are required, and a sensible price to pay.  Then you can go ‘shopping’ without fear of overspending and waste.


Need an impartial marketing expert? Why not get in touch on 01905 885 285 or contact us?

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It’s all about the brief

It’s all about the brief

In over 30 years of working with marketing creatives from the big London advertising agencies to local printers and one man band web companies, one of the most powerful rules I have learned is that in nearly every case, the quality of the work produced and the result it delivers is directly related to the quality of the brief.  Put simply, if we can’t explain to someone what we need it’s unlikely that they will be able to create it.
And yet, most of the small and medium-sized businesses I come in to contact with don’t have a proper process for briefing the agencies that they use.  They spend significant amounts of money with these agencies, rely on them to deliver the marketing materials to drive the sales and profit growth of their businesses, but don’t really give them the direction they need to produce great work.  You could think of it like a Satellite Navigation system – hugely powerful, but you have to tell it where you want to go, and give some guidance on the route (fastest, shortest, avoiding tolls …).
The vast majority of marketing agencies I have worked with (and I’m talking about hundreds) are all capable of producing great graphic design, stunning websites, engaging blogs and social media posts, eye-catching exhibition materials etc.  but as clients we need the right message to reach the right people at the right time to generate the desired commercial result for our business.
When I talk about briefing, I’m not suggesting huge mounds of paper.  The template we use with most clients is a single A4 page, and once people have used it a couple of times, it can take as little as 10 minutes to complete.  When you think of the cost in time, money and lost opportunity of a piece of ineffective marketing, 10 minutes invested at the start isn’t a lot is it?
When you’ve got your brief, it’s important to thin about how you use it.  My advice is to follow these three steps:
Get the brief agreed by  everyone in your business who will have a say in the activity
Give the brief verbally to your agency – do not give them the written brief!
Ask them to take notes and send you a summary of what they think they are being asked for – this makes sure they are paying attention and also allows you to confirm they have properly understood what you are asking them to do
When it comes to them presenting ideas, they will be much closer to what you need and you can use the agreed brief as a checklist against which to review their ideas and for giving them constructive feedback.
If you think better briefing could help you get better results from your agencies, give us a call or listen to our webinar “how to get the most out of creative agencies”