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How does outsourcing help?

How does outsourcing help?

You probably already outsource, many people do. Maybe you use a bookkeeper, who you simply pay for the hours of work that they do. You don’t need to worry about their tax, or their holidays, or whether you need to upgrade their computer system. You can just hand over the work and not worry. They can deal with the complexities of their tax system, and sort out the problem with their computer crashing. You just pay them either by the hour, or by the job, whatever deal you have agreed upon. Outsourcing is excellent.

Bookkeeping is the obvious example of outsourcing, but marketing works very well as an outsourced service. Outsourcing your marketing ensures that your marketing program is delivered consistently and coherently and is not affected by any internal issues. If you have your marketing done in-house, you are more at risk of the feast and famine cycle.

As you become busy, you need to spend more time fulfilling orders, so you stop marketing, because you need that time to be spent on fulfillment. Gradually your sales pipeline dries up and then, panicking, you launch back into marketing, and the sales build up again, and so it goes on. This cycle is unproductive, and stressful for all involved.

If you have outsourced your marketing, your program will continue to be delivered consistently, giving you a steady flow through your sales pipeline. This will help to prevent the feast and famine cycle and will leave you able to concentrate on delivering a great service to your customers, in a more measured and less fraught manner.

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To learn more about the feast and famine cycle, please click to watch the video below.

Genuine seasonality

Genuine seasonality

There is a difference between a business that experiences genuine seasonality and one that is stuck in a feast and famine cycle. Though the problems caused by the cyclical pattern are the same, one is unavoidable and the other can be altered.

Genuine seasonality applies to businesses such as an ice cream seller. In this business you know that you will sell more ice creams in the summer than the winter, and therefore you organise your cash flow accordingly. There is little you can do about this, other than finding something else to sell during the winter – hot chocolate?

However the feast famine cycle can be broken, and evened out. The feast famine cycle occurs as follows. You want to increase your sales, so you increase your marketing which in turn increases your sales. Suddenly you are too busy, so you stop marketing, and concentrate on fulfilling the orders that you have generated. Suddenly you realise that your order book for the months ahead is empty, so you quickly do some marketing to boost your sales…and so the whole cycle begins again.

This is a surprisingly common trap for people to fall into. It can be prevented by setting up an on-going consistent marketing program which will deliver a steady flow of good prospects into your sales funnel. Often outsourcing your marketing can be beneficial as this ensures that the marketing is done on time, and on budget, regardless of what is going on in-house. A marketing program can be turned up or down according to your requirements, increasing or decreasing the quantity of leads it provides.

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If you would like to learn more about feast and famine cycles please watch the video below.

Does your marketing strategy look like this?

Does your marketing strategy look like this?

Many B2B companies fall into the same problems as regards their marketing. Their marketing has often developed as the company has grown, and has not been planned out rationally, but has been added onto at various stages by different individuals. That is not say that each idea was not a good one in its own right, just that they have been collated with little or no strategy. Effective marketing will help to drive your company forward, so it is worth spending the time creating a good sound strategic plan, and then breaking that down into component parts which can then be given to different team members, so you could simply outsource.

The problems arise as follows:

Often they will have a loose assortment of activities – pick and mix marketing, not based on any coherent structure, but rather selected at random. This results in a lack of strategy and direction in your marketing.

Repeating the previous year’s activities. Though this is not necessarily a bad idea, it is if you are doing it simply because you don’t know what else to do.

Copying competitors, again this is not automatically bad. You and your competitors may have similar marketing strategies targeting the same areas of the market. If however you are just blindly copying your competitors it is unlikely to give you excellent results.

Spend increasing faster than return, if you are in this situation you need to stop and review what you are doing.

Little or no measurement, means that you have no way of understanding what is happening. If you simply try different things but never track them, you won’t be able to build up a picture of what works and what doesn’t. Not everything will work, but over time, with good measurement you will be able to work out what works well for you.

Hoping for leads and enquiries is all well and good, but if your only strategy is a hope strategy, then you are reliant upon people who stumble upon your company.

Creating a good marketing strategy will help you understand what works for your business. If you are struggling with your marketing call Aardvark Marketing Consultants on 01905 885 285

To learn more, watch the video below:

Clear communication prevents confusion…

Clear communication prevents confusion…

Communication is so important. In life as well as in business. It is vital to make sure that you, the seller, and the buyer, both understand what you are providing, and what the buyer wants. It is not too late to ask for clarification. It is better to be absolutely sure that what you are selling is what your buyer wants, than to end up in a confused situation where the buyer feels that they have been mis-sold something.

Avoid jargon – make sure you have accurately described what you are selling. It is all too easy to get carried away in the actual selling process and promising more than you can deliver. In general, people don’t mind if you, or your product or service can’t do something, as long as they know. What people dislike, and what will cause them to inundate the internet with bad reviews is feeling that they were mis-sold something.

Make sure your buyer understands what they are getting. Often you will have explained your product or service honestly and clearly, but the buyer may have misunderstood, or misinterpreted. It is worth taking a little more time to thoroughly check that the buyer understands rather than face the later backlash if the buyer was confused.

Many arguments or confrontations are simply caused by lack of understanding or lack of clarity. Make sure your communication is clear. Where possible have a phone call or face-to-face meeting and then follow up with an email confirming the points that you have discussed.

If you are struggling with providing your sales teams with good quality leads, why not invest in some first class marketing? Contact Aardvark Marketing Consultants today on 01905 885 285 to review your marketing.

To learn more about successful selling, take a look at the video below.

Suspect or prospect?

Suspect or prospect?

Unsure whether you have enough suspects or prospects? Or are you not entirely clear about what suspects and prospects are?

A suspect is a person who could possibly buy your product or service. You don’t know if they will, but they are a rough fit for your business. They are a possibility.

A prospect is someone who you have identified as having pain points which your product or service could solve. Hopefully you are communicating in some way with your prospects.

If you have ongoing communication with your prospects, you can ensure that you are the person they turn to when they are ready to buy. People don’t buy when you want them to buy, they buy when they want to buy. Your marketing needs to make sure that you are the person they think of when they make the decision to buy.

Multi touch marketing is an efficient way to remain engaged with your prospects. If you are struggling to manage your marketing why not take a look at our marketing manager service.

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Watch the video below to learn more about suspects and prospects.

Multi-touch marketing

Multi-touch marketing

Often people’s marketing activities can be an assortment of things, without an actual plan or system in place. Sometimes we do what we have always done, and add in a little of what other people are doing. We do our marketing in our quiet periods, at the end of the day, or in a snatched five minutes.

Is it surprising that it doesn’t work very well? Good marketing requires a planned strategy with regular, reliable content being shared across a selection of outlets and using a variety of media. Most things work better with a plan, including your marketing.

If you are struggling to develop, create, manage and implement a marketing plan that is right for your business, why not take a look at our marketing manager service?

To learn more about multi-touch marketing, click below to watch the video.

Are your customers happy?

Are your customers happy?

Happy customers are the very best way to market your business. Happy customers will tell their friends, their colleagues and their family about you. Word of mouth marketing, is still the one number way to promote your business. A study from Nielsen in 2011 stated that 92% of people will trust a personal recommendation, that far outstrips the next most trusted source, which is consumer opinions posted online, coming in at 70%

So how do you make sure that people are recommending you? Firstly deliver a great service. Secondly keep an eye on feedback. Just because your customers aren’t complaining, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are happy.

For example, say you have an IT issue. The first time it happens you go to your IT support company and they fix it. The second time it happens you go to your IT support company and they fix it. But the third or fourth time, you are fed up of the problem, so you try and fix it yourself, so simply work around the problem. This is known as complaint fatigue.

The problem with complaint fatigue is that as a company it can be hard to spot. But you may notice it in a drop-off of recommendations. As those customers struggling with complaint fatigue will no longer recommend you to their friends and family.

Are you confident that your business is producing good word of mouth marketing, or would you like to try and improve it? With our Marketing Manager service we deliver consistent marketing for an affordable budget, and we can talk to your customers for you to get honest feedback to help you build your business.

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Are you tied in?

Are you tied in?

Have you ever been stuck in a long-term contract? There are advantages, such as budgeting your cash flow and having a fixed price, but it doesn’t allow you any chance of changing.

Small businesses are dynamic and can respond quickly to changes in their marketplace. Compared to large businesses which, like ocean liners, can take a while to change direction, a small business has the capability to sharply react. This can give them the chance to scoop up opportunities in the marketplace before the larger companies have had a chance to change direction.

Because we understand how dynamic your small business needs to be, we don’t want you tied in to long-term contract for your marketing. With our marketing manager service all we ask is that you sign up for three months.

If you would like to know that your marketing program is running consistently on time and on budget, why not contact us on 01905 885 285 for a conversation about how we can help you.

To learn more how a short-term contract can benefit you, click below to watch the video.

Too many hats?

Too many hats?

Running your own business is difficult. The calls on your time are endless, and switching between roles, can be tiring and unproductive. You can start each day full of good intentions, and end up resorting to firefighting. As a business owner you can feel like you are endlessly switching hats, from management, to finance, to HR and trying to find the time to do your marketing.

One way to tackle this problem, is to outsource your marketing. Marketing delivers the best results when it is consistently delivered, on time and in budget.

At Aardvark Marketing we offer our marketing manager package, which gives you regular, reliable marketing, tailor-made for your company and with a budget to suit.

If you are struggling with wearing too many hats, and would like to create some more time to focus to driving your business forwards to more sales, and more profit, why not take a look at our marketing manager package.

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The joy of outsourcing is that you only ever pay for what you need, and what you use. You probably already do outsource. Do you use a bookkeeper or an accountant? You pay for their time to work on your finances, using their expertise which they gained from working across many sectors and industries. You can do the same with your marketing.

Some people hire a junior to do their marketing. This gives you lots of time at your disposal, but they may not have the necessary skills, and you have the cost of employing somebody as well. With us, you simply pay for what you need – so you get a highly skilled, knowledgeable professional to work with you for the amount of time that your business needs.

For flexible, efficient marketing support, why not take a look at our marketing manager package?

To learn more about outsourcing and how it could benefit you, click below to watch the video.