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How good is your marketing?

How good is your marketing?

Good marketing should be delivering a steady flow of good quality leads into your sales pipeline. This process does not happen overnight, there is no silver bullet. Good marketing is built of good quality content, consistently implemented and regularly monitored and reviewed. It takes time to work out what is delivering good results and what is not, and honing your marketing to make sure that you are getting a good return on investment.

When you have good marketing delivering good quality leads to your sales pipeline, it enables your sales team, or individual to sell. It is useful to break down the process into its component parts so that you don’t muddle up your sales and your marketing. Once you have separated them it is easier to work out which area is working and which is not. So you may find that you have a fantastic sales team with a really high conversion rate, who simply aren’t getting enough leads. Conversely, you may discover that your marketing is actually producing some really good quality leads, but your sales process isn’t converting them into customers as effectively as it could.

Breaking down processes enables one to look at them clearly, and make changes to the areas that aren’t working as well as they could. This makes the change process an achievable task rather than a daunting one. It enables you to concentrate your resources on the areas that need them, rather than ending up changing things that were actually working.

If you are struggling with your marketing and sales pipelines, and would like some support, take a look at our marketing manager program. This will give you consistent, on-going marketing support, delivered, monitored and reviewed. To arrange your meeting, call us today on 01905 885 285

To learn more about marketing and sales pipelines, please watch the video below.

Are you following a hope strategy?

Are you following a hope strategy?

Do you know where your leads and sales are coming from? Can you predict sales for the following month or quarter? Or are you simply following a hope strategy? This is where you hope that leads will come in, based on your loose assortment of marketing activities.

Lots of people feel unsatisfied by marketing. They believe it doesn’t work, or it is expensive, or they can’t tell if it is working. Some marketing professionals are guilty of exacerbating this view by their tendency to oversell. How many times have you heard: “you just need to do this one thing and your sales will fly!”

Marketing does work, but not overnight, and there is no silver bullet, no magic formula. Good marketing is consistently delivered and regularly monitored so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. Unless you analyse the results of what you have done, you cannot work out what is working and what is not.

Once you are measuring where your leads and sales are coming from, you then can stop the marketing activities that aren’t producing you any results. Obviously this process takes time, you need time to see what is happening and track the results, but then you will be able to concentrate your activities in the areas where you are having the best results. This will make your marketing become an investment rather than a waste.

But you cannot refine your marketing program unless you are measuring and monitoring the results. Only then can you begin to build a strong marketing campaign based on the unique needs of your business.

If you are struggling to design, implement and monitor your marketing campaign, why not outsource your marketing? With our Marketing Manager program, you will have an experienced marketing professional working with you to ensure that your marketing relies on more than just hope.

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Does your marketing strategy look like this?

Does your marketing strategy look like this?

Many B2B companies fall into the same problems as regards their marketing. Their marketing has often developed as the company has grown, and has not been planned out rationally, but has been added onto at various stages by different individuals. That is not say that each idea was not a good one in its own right, just that they have been collated with little or no strategy. Effective marketing will help to drive your company forward, so it is worth spending the time creating a good sound strategic plan, and then breaking that down into component parts which can then be given to different team members, so you could simply outsource.

The problems arise as follows:

Often they will have a loose assortment of activities – pick and mix marketing, not based on any coherent structure, but rather selected at random. This results in a lack of strategy and direction in your marketing.

Repeating the previous year’s activities. Though this is not necessarily a bad idea, it is if you are doing it simply because you don’t know what else to do.

Copying competitors, again this is not automatically bad. You and your competitors may have similar marketing strategies targeting the same areas of the market. If however you are just blindly copying your competitors it is unlikely to give you excellent results.

Spend increasing faster than return, if you are in this situation you need to stop and review what you are doing.

Little or no measurement, means that you have no way of understanding what is happening. If you simply try different things but never track them, you won’t be able to build up a picture of what works and what doesn’t. Not everything will work, but over time, with good measurement you will be able to work out what works well for you.

Hoping for leads and enquiries is all well and good, but if your only strategy is a hope strategy, then you are reliant upon people who stumble upon your company.

Creating a good marketing strategy will help you understand what works for your business. If you are struggling with your marketing call Aardvark Marketing Consultants on 01905 885 285

To learn more, watch the video below:

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | How to avoid splashing the cash on marketing

Are you buying marketing without a list?

Are you buying marketing without a list?

Have you ever stood at the checkout in grocery supermarket and wondered how you managed to spend so much?  The big retailers are expert in getting shoppers to buy more than they intended, investing huge sums in research, focus groups, loyalty cards etc. so it’s not a huge surprise that it works.

However, sometimes we are the architects of our own downfall.  Research shows that if we don’t plan our shopping and take a list based on what we really need, 60% of us will spend more.  Another factor can be how hungry we are feeling when we shop.  Hungry shoppers are more easily tempted to buy extra items, especially sugary foods.  The consequence is over-spending, food that nobody actually eats or just goes out of date.  An article earlier this year reported that the average UK household wastes £470 of food every year

All very interesting I hear you say, but what has that got to do with my business?

In my experience, business owners selecting marketing activities are a bit like supermarket shoppers.  There are a great many items for sale, and various options at differing price points.  The best approach is to have a ‘list’ of what activities we are interested in, or at the very least a clear idea of what we want them to achieve, a bit like knowing what meals you want to cook before you go to the supermarket.

The worst situation is when the business needs some quick results – the forward order book is low, or competitors have just got more active.  This is the equivalent of shopping when hungry; lots of things look good and we can end up making a poor decision or just buying too much.

Whatever you do, don’t ask marketing agencies to make a recommendation, no matter how much integrity they have, the incentive to sell you something you might not need is going to be very high – you wouldn’t walk into a supermarket, give the manager your credit card and ask what he thinks you should buy!

A clear set of marketing objectives, regular tracking of marketing KPIs and the use, dare I say it, of an impartial marketing expert will make it easy to identify what activities are required, and a sensible price to pay.  Then you can go ‘shopping’ without fear of overspending and waste.


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