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Are you being used?

Are you being used?

Do you feel as though you spend a lot of time, and energy putting together proposals for prospects that never come to fruition? Many businesses that we work with feel the same. It can be all too easy to fall into other people’s traps, and end up being used.

Obviously, in order to gain new clients you will need to write proposals and show what you can do for that company or client, and it would be naive to expect all your proposals to turn into customers. However it is important to take a look at the situation of you feel as though you are not converting as many as you would expect into customers. Another instance where the ability to track your sales funnel is important to help you understand and improve it.

One such scenario is where a company is happy with their existing supplier, but want to tackle them on price. So they come to you to see what you can do, for what money, they take your proposal and your pricing and go back to their existing supplier with that information.They never had any intention of changing suppliers, they simply were looking for ammunition in order to drive down their costs.

We all do this to a certain extent, and it is a prudent business move to try and reduce costs with your existing suppliers. However if you are on the receiving end of other people’s ploys too often it can be a drain on your resources.

If you are experiencing problems in your sales funnel and feel that you are not converting your prospects into good quality customers, why not contact us today? Call us now on 01905 885 285 to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Or for more information about improving your sales funnel why not watch the video below?

Successful selling – part 1

Successful selling – part 1

Successful selling needs good marketing, and part of good marketing is ensuring that the right message is delivered to the right people. These people are your ideal customers, and tracking them down will help you to secure those sales.

You will have a picture of what your ideal customer looks like. There are markers which we look for in our on profile customers, these may be traits such as location or turnover. However there are a number of soft traits which may be as important as the more obvious ones.

An ideal customer not only represents the business that you may do with them, but also opens up the possibility of referrals, so time spent on targeting your on profile customers, may reap continuing benefits.

Do you get on with your customer? This may seem like something that you needn’t consider, but having a good working relationship with your customers is one of the important soft traits we consider when building an on profile customer picture. At Aardvark Marketing we understand the importance of a good working relationship, based on mutual respect. We need to be confident that our clients understand their industry, just as we need them to respect our knowledge.

Terms of payment are another area which could be included in your on profile customer picture. If the terms of payment offered are too long, it could lead to cash flow problems, and it may have been better for you, simply not to have taken on that customer.

If you are struggling to identify your ideal customers and would like some more advice, contact us today to arrange a face-to-face meeting. Call us on 01905 885 285

Or to learn more about the art of successful selling, click below to watch our video on the subject.