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Understand your sales funnel

Understand your sales funnel

Understanding your sales funnel is important, so that you can track your conversions and change the outcome. You need to be able to see how your prospects move through your funnel and how the process works, to be able to improve it.

For example you may have an online form to fill in to download a white paper. Out of the people who fill in this form, you may manage to contact five of them on the phone. Out of these five you may get a few to the meeting stage and then one turn into a customer. It is important that you understand this process.

By spending some time working on your process, you may manage to get hold of more people on the phone, and change your five to ten, which in turn may result in two clients, rather than one. By spending time on each of the steps in your sales funnel you have the ability to alter your success rate.

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Why a written process is so important

Why a written process is so important

Many businesses start up with one or maybe a few people in an office, often your processes or systems have evolved from the beginning, and are now a collection of activities. When we write down our processes we can see more clearly what we are doing. In terms of our sales funnels writing down our processes can help us to track the numbers.

For example if an enquiry begins with filling in a website form, and then moves through phone calls and then onto meetings, we can keep track of the numbers each step of the way. It is important to know this, as if we know 100 website enquiries leads to 5 sales, we know that if we can improve the website to increase the number of enquiries to 200, this should result in 10 sales, thereby doubling our turnover.

Marketing is far more effective when you track the results, when you systematically work your way through to see what has an affect and what doesn’t. Haphazard assortments of marketing techniques flung together make it impossible to understand what is working and what isn’t. Spending time concentrating on your process will improve your understanding of the process, highlight any weak areas, and give you the opportunity to successfully track and monitor your activities.

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