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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Why Digital Marketing never gets off the MD’s To Do list

Why Digital Marketing never gets off the MD’s To Do list

Why Digital Marketing never gets off the MD’s To Do list

All MD’s know that an effective digital marketing funnel will generate more leads and more sales. Companies that invest in marketing funnels do better than those that don’t. If it was quick and easy to create, every company would have one. Why don’t they?  Here’s 6 reasons why accomplishing something so simple is difficult in practice.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Why Digital Marketing never gets off the MD’s To Do list - skills shortages






Skill shortages

Many businesses don’t have any marketing expertise in their team. Staying up to date with the latest marketing trends isn’t easy as the landscape is constantly changing. This means companies either have to hire new staff who have got the relevant expertise ( and, if  the directors  don’t understand these skills themselves, how do they know who is a good hire?) or get training  for their existing team from a qualified, external expert.

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Lack of clear strategy

Directors often confuse a sales funnel or process with a marketing funnel. A sales funnel starts when a salesperson first makes contact with a prospect, so by exchanging emails, talking on the phone or in person. It’s a process that has an identified point of contact with a prospect and works by developing mutual trust in an ever-closer relationship. The relationship usually has a series of easily identified milestones (KPI’s and stats) by which a sales director can monitor their team. A marketing funnel is softer, providing information to a prospect ‘doing their research’ and making a shortlist of suppliers with whom they will engage further. Marketers refer to ‘nurturing’ prospects through their online research as they move through a digital marketing funnel.

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Poor or non-existent planning

In order to create an effective digital marketing funnel, you need first to understand marketing channels, content and customers. Channels are the places a prospect will look to find out information about your company, products or services, and they can include non-digital places as well as online resources. Typical digital channels include your website, social media activity, external industry websites, financial information and so on. The content a prospect will read or view will depend upon their own, personal preferences, so this may include recordings/podcasts and video as well as the more traditional website pages and blogs. Finally, you need an in depth understanding of why your good customers return to use your products and services, so that the messages they receive from the content will resonate with them. This will mean you can provide them with all the necessary information they seek to shortlist your company.







No process for creating quality content

Many businesses don’t have creative people in their teams, such as graphic designers, copywriters or website developers. If an eternal marketing agency is hired, there is often a poor brief given which means that the agency don’t produce the right content for your prospects to engage with. Quality content hasn’t only got to look pretty by being well branded, it has to engage your relevant audience.

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Poor implementation & project management

Managing all those messages, channels and creating good content so that you have a coherent, consistent and continuous marketing presence is a skill in itself. If your team get overwhelmed by the many different tasks, often the wrong priorities are followed because people tend to stick to their skillsets and stay within their comfort zones It takes experience and skill to understand where limited resources should be deployed first to deliver the biggest bang for your buck.






Lack of measurement and data management

Just as a sales process will have key milestones that can be measured, so a good marketing funnel will have some points that can be monitored and measured. For digital marketing, Google Analytics is a good place to start. If you have a digital CRM with web tracking such as HubSpot you can access the data in your system as well. Monthly reporting of marketing KPI’s should be added to your management meeting  agenda, just as you would monitor management accounts for financial data.

Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Why Digital Marketing never gets off the MD’s To Do list






Buyers and customers are increasingly fickle and shopping around for the best price is often  actively encouraged. Providing the right information through a good digital marketing funnel is increasingly important for the survival of a business. If you are finding any of the above challenges difficult, consider working with Aardvark Marketing. We can provide the expertise you need on an outsourced, affordable basis. Why not make a start by contacting us  or call 01905 885 285 for a confidential discussion today?

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Aardvark Marketing Consultants | Frustrated with poor marketing results?

“Marketing doesn’t work”

“Marketing doesn’t work”

We’re used to hearing from frustrated business owners about marketing. They may say “it’s just a waste of money”, “I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t” or ” I keep being sold ‘silver bullets’ that don’t deliver”. If your marketing activity isn’t generating enough quality leads to drive your business in the direction you want, or at the speed that you want to get there, help is at hand from the experts at Aardvark Marketing.

It’s not just the lack of tangible marketing results that annoys business owners. Most are too busy to find the time to implement decent quality marketing on a regular, consistent basis. This means marketing is ‘fitted in’ around the other needs of the business, typically delivering products or services, selling, finances, IT or people issues. Because marketing is never as urgent as these issues, it tends to get done on the infrequent occasions when there is an unexpected lull in other business activity.  Aardvark believe marketing success comes when you stick to the 2 C’s in Success – consistent and continuous marketing.

There are usually 2 routes a business owner will take to fix their marketing frustration. Option 1 is  to hire a junior and option 2 is to pay an agency. Let’s look at both choices in more detail.

Option 1.

Hire a junior marketing executive who may understand more about digital marketing and social media but who struggles to set the marketing direction because they’ve not had enough (if any) experience of marketing and business strategy. This option means that more gets done and the company looks ’busier’. The website pages get a review, a new brochure is produced and the number of connections and posts on social platforms increase. However, often this doesn’t result in the tangible increase in sales that the business owner expected for the increased payroll costs incurred. There is never any shortage of activities to spend marketing time and money on – picking the right ones is the tricky bit!

Option 2.

Option 2 is to pay a marketing agency to take away the day to day hassle of running your marketing activity and hope that fixes the problem. Again, new campaigns will be implemented but there is often a lack of accountability and sales revenues do not always improve as fast as the marketing spend.  At Aardvark we’re advocates of avoiding splashing the cash.

So is there an option 3?

Here at Aardvark we’ve had years of experience working with small business owners and managers and understand the need to get more bang for your marketing buck. We’ve come up with a third solution – our outsourced Marketing Manager. Here’s our commitment to customers:

  • Unlike a marketing agency, we’re ‘on your side’ and an integral part of your team
  • We’ll work with you to set the right marketing strategy
  • We’ll implement it effectively (on time and on budget)
  • We’ll measure and monitor results and explain these to you at our regular report meetings
  • We’ll agree exactly what we will do and what results you will get for the next 3 months
  • We do all the project management to reduce your workload
  • We ask only for a 3 month commitment with no nasty long term contracts
  • We’re flexible, affordable (packages start at £300 per month) and we’ll improve your marketing to generate more, better quality sales leads.

With the Aardvark Marketing Manager option, you’ll see real change – more leads, sales and positive ROI within 6 months.For a confidential chat about addressing your marketing challenges, please contact Gill Hutchinson at Aardvark Marketing on 01905 885 285 or email gill@aaardvarkmarketing.co.uk.