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How good is your marketing?

How good is your marketing?

Good marketing should be delivering a steady flow of good quality leads into your sales pipeline. This process does not happen overnight, there is no silver bullet. Good marketing is built of good quality content, consistently implemented and regularly monitored and reviewed. It takes time to work out what is delivering good results and what is not, and honing your marketing to make sure that you are getting a good return on investment.

When you have good marketing delivering good quality leads to your sales pipeline, it enables your sales team, or individual to sell. It is useful to break down the process into its component parts so that you don’t muddle up your sales and your marketing. Once you have separated them it is easier to work out which area is working and which is not. So you may find that you have a fantastic sales team with a really high conversion rate, who simply aren’t getting enough leads. Conversely, you may discover that your marketing is actually producing some really good quality leads, but your sales process isn’t converting them into customers as effectively as it could.

Breaking down processes enables one to look at them clearly, and make changes to the areas that aren’t working as well as they could. This makes the change process an achievable task rather than a daunting one. It enables you to concentrate your resources on the areas that need them, rather than ending up changing things that were actually working.

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How connections lead to customers

How connections lead to customers

When we talk to potential customers, it is all too easy to fix on rational reasons why they might like to work with us. We can write a new website for them, we can improve their IT system, we can improve their operating process. However in order to optimise our chances of success it is important that we delve deeper into their problem.

We need to find out how the problem affects them personally. For example their website may not be very good. This in turns means it is not producing enough leads, which may be worrying the owner as he is considering selling his business and wants to make it more attractive to buyers. So though the conversation may have started at “I don’t like my website” it has travelled to “I want to sell my business.” If your proposition can solve the owner’s pain problem of helping him to sell his business you are more likely to convert him into a client. If you only address the initial concern over the website, he may choose another person to do business with.

Remember that although we think people make rational decisions, usually they make emotional decision and then add in the rationale afterwards. So connecting on an emotional level with your prospects will help you to convert them into customers. It is important to understand what you will bring to this relationship, and it may be worth speaking to your existing customers so that you understand the reasons that your customers enjoy working with you. These will usually be softer reasons, such as they enjoy the structure of a regular monthly meeting.

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